Yvonne Smink – Heels tricks


Yvonne Smink – Heels tricks

Sunday: 12:00 – 13:30 (90 mins)

Level: int/adv

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Ilja Med’s workshop will be changed up for this one by Yvonne Smink.

If you have tickets for the previous workshop by Ilja Med – Heels tricks they are automatically converted to this one so you do not have to buy new tickets!

If you don’t have tickets yet but see how unique this chance is to follow this new workshop that Yvonne has never taught before, then you’re in luck. Because we do have some spots for you.

Yvonne always has a unique flow in everything that she does, being in heels is not new for her. She also won first place Exotic Generation France and is a general master in low flow.

Level: Intermediate/ advanced


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